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Elevate Your Music to the Next Level

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Just starting out? Eager to learn how to finish your records of yourself?

Want to understand the more about the music you love? We can help!

Studio Eleven Music is a professional music studio based in Yorkshire, UK. Acoustically treated to a mastering grade standard of Metropolis and Abbey Road. Filled with only the best analogue equipment to create a modern day Hybrid recording studio.

Specialising in Dance and Pop,  and catering to both the “Professional Artist” and the new wave of “Young Producers”. Studio Eleven can help you at what ever stage of your musical journey you are on.

Have you written a track that you are proud of, yet you just can’t get it to sound like your favourite records?

Does it not sound as good as your peers latest release?

HOW we can help you

Studio Eleven Music Audio Mixing


Send us the stems of your song, we'll balance, enhance and bring out the best in your music.

Studio Eleven Music Mastering


Let us maximise the

potential of your music with professional master

ready for all services.

Studio Eleven Music Stem Mastering



Allows us to go more in depth adjusting problem areas in stems leading to better final product.

Studio Eleven Writing & Production



Got a killer idea? 

Let us help you extract the perfect song from your vision


Let us tell you a secret!

All those tracks have been professional mixed and mastered. 

Even the biggest artists in the world use high end mixers to bring out the best in their music, so why shouldn’t you?


We offer a range of services, tailored to help every client obtain the perfect result. Be it radio or club ready we can do it all.


Check out how we can help you take your music to the next level.

Our Analogue Hybrid Heaven

We Have The Pleasure of Working With World Class Clients.

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Low Steppa





Timmy Trumpet




Major Lazer

Find Out What They Say About Us

Utah Saints

"Mark is currently one of the best mixing engineers in the world right now - he consistently delivers amazing mixes and has an incredible ear for sonic detail. Mark strives to keep ahead of the curve, and is our number one choice when we are mixing our next track, whatever purpose that is for - he has mixed everything from Radio hits to game soundtracks for us, and never fails to understand what is needed and deliver the absolute best."

Utah Saints

Our Music

Hundreds of millions of plays across all platforms Produced and Mixed at Studio Eleven.


Music from Studio Eleven has featured on world class labels