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What we can do for you

Studio Eleven Music Mastering


From a radio ready dynamic master, to club banger. You let us know how you want you track to translate and we'll use our highly crafted hybrid set up to maximise the potential and meet the industry formats and standards you require. 

Send us a stereo file of your pre master with a minimum of -6dB of headroom, along with any tracks you wish us to reference.



Studio Eleven Music Mixing


From vocal house and pop to underground dance, we can help you make the most out of each and every one of your songs. Using top of the range Prism AD/DA conversion and SSL summing with outboard mastering units from Maselec and Bettermaker. We can bring a depth and warmth to your records that you just can't get in the box. 

Send us the stems of your song, we'll balance, enhance and bring out the best in your music.

Returning a fully mixed and mastered stereo file, ready for release in both digital and and analogue domain.

Stem Mastering
Additional Production
Studio Eleven Music Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering, allows us to do a more in depth master. The versatility to adjust problem areas in stems rather than effecting the whole stereo master leads to a far better final product.

The addition of summing and individual channel processing paired with outboard mastering, delivers the client a warm clear master ready for all media out lets.

We can provide any all formats required from Wav & Aiff to MFit.

Studio Eleven Music Production

Additional Production and Writing

Sometimes you have that killer idea but the sounds just aren't quite right or is it lacking extra writing? 


We provide a service to help you through this - Tweaking existing sounds, to fully sound scaping a whole record from the ground up. Writing new sections to help the flow of the song, we can do it all.


Please get in touch with us, send us your track as it is and together we can discuss how to move the record forward.


We pride our selves on the ability to deliver the clients vision and get the final product sounding the best it can be.

In most cases for these sessions it is required that the client attends, but if this is not viable, other options are available.

Studio Eleven Music Tutoring


Just starting out? Eager to learn how to finish your records of yourself?

Want to understand the more about the music you love? We can help!


We run tutoring session designed to enable clients interpret the process that records in their genre have under gone.

These 1 on 1 sessions comprise of 4hrs of analysing and deconstructing your desired records.

Showing you how to create and craft killer sounds, mix perfect drums, and in depth mixing and mastering secrets.

You choose what you want to learn and let us put your mind at ease.


Book your own specialised 1 on 1 tutoring session now. 

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