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Studio Eleven Music Mix


Send us the stems of your song, we'll balance, enhance and bring out the best in your music.

Stems of your already pre arranged song, mixed and mastered through a Hybrid Prism Sound & SSL setup.


Additional edits (Radio, Extended, Dubs, etc) require extra payment depending on time taken.

Studio Eleven Music Mastering


Let us maximise the

potential of your music with professional master

ready for all services.

Mastering of a single song, passed through our Analogue/Digital setup.



Additional edits (Radio, Extended, Dubs, MFit, etc) require a £10 

additional fee per pass.

Studio Eleven Music Stem Mastering



Allows us to go more in depth adjusting problem areas in stems leading to better final product.

No more than 9 stems per track mastered and returned to you in your desired format. 


Additional edits (Radio, Extended, Dubs, MFit, etc) require a £10

additional fee per pass.

Studio Eleven Music Production



Got a killer idea? 

Let us help you extract the perfect song from your vision.

Either attended or un attended sessions where we help you produce the final record you strive for.  


Get in contact, let us listen to your track and together we'll work out what it needs.

HOW we can help you

Mixing Book
Mastering Book
Stem Book
Production Book
Tutoring Book

By booking a session you agree to the Studio Eleven Music Ltd Terms & Conditions.

Cancellations with in 48hrs of booked sessions will be charged at full price

All prices listed exclude VAT

Required Formats

Please read carefully before booking

Required Formats

  • Full length clearly labelled stereo stems (Wav/Aiff) of all effected tracks. Removed all master chain processing unless used for FX.

  • Leave stems are your original sample rate (we will do all sample rate conversion at our end)

  • If additional production is required please send labelled midi of all instruments.

  • All audio and midi to be sent to the studio in one zip file, labelled with the Artist Name & Song Title. Any mix reference tracks must be included in this zip.

  • If you have any notes on the mix or direction please add to a .txt file and include in the zip.

  • Please make sure that all audio is correct and with out fault. If something is discovered to be a problem at a later date it can be altered but may in-cure extra charge.

  • Pre masters must leave -6dB of head room.

  • For mastering please specify all format required, and include all meta data/images to to the zip and we will happy add them to the final master.

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