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Timmy Trumpet, Lee Cabrera, and Bleech Revive '90s Classic 'Blow Ya Mind'

Over two decades since its initial release, Lock ‘N Load's iconic 'Blow Ya Mind' has been resurrected, just in time for the festival season, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Australian EDM heavyweight Timmy Trumpet, Lee Cabrera (the genius behind Ibiza classic 'Shake It' and the remake of ABBA’s ‘Gimme Gimme’), and rising star Bleech. A Blast from the Past with a Modern Twist If you're a fan of dance music from the '90s, you're in for a treat. This reimagined version of 'Blow Ya Mind' promises a nostalgic journey for a new generation of music lovers. With thumping bass, lively claps, suspenseful build-ups, and the wailing sirens and rolling snares of the original 1999 classic, this rendition brings the '90s back to life. However, there's a twist. The BPM (beats per minute) is slightly slower than the original, giving it a fresh and contemporary feel. This unique blend of old-school charm and modern production techniques creates a soundscape that's bound to captivate listeners and ignite dance floors during the summer festival season.

The Birth of the Revival The idea to revive 'Blow Ya Mind' originated with Lee Cabrera, who noticed the track's resurgence in recent DJ sets over the past few years. "I've always loved the record and all of the edits from back in the day, and I had it on my mind to put my spin on it for a long time," Lee Cabrera recalls. He then teamed up with his talented friend Bleech, known for their previous collaboration on 'Gimme Gimme,' to see what they could create in the studio. It didn't take long for the duo to realize that Timmy Trumpet would be the perfect addition to complete the track. With his unique style and musical intuition, Timmy Trumpet swiftly became an essential part of the project. Together, they transformed the almost-finished track into a dancefloor anthem ready to conquer the year 2023.

Lock ‘N Load's Perspective Lock ‘N Load, the original creators of 'Blow Ya Mind,' expressed their excitement about the revival, stating, "Over the past few months, we've received so many videos from industry friends of DJs such as Solomun playing the original version again in their sets, so a re-release was just a matter of time. For us as the original producers, it's amazing to see that a 24-year-old track can stand the test of time, is still rocking the global dance floors, and has now found its way to a whole new generation of DJs and producers."

Conclusion The resurrection of 'Blow Ya Mind' by Timmy Trumpet, Lee Cabrera, and Bleech is a testament to the enduring power of music. It bridges the gap between generations of EDM enthusiasts, bringing the nostalgia of the '90s into the present with a fresh twist. As festival-goers prepare to dance the night away, this collaboration promises to be one of the defining tracks of the 2023 season, proving once again that great music knows no boundaries and can transcend time.

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