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Mixing & Mastering in Ableton Live





About the Course

If you’ve never mixed or mastered a track before or you’re struggling to get your music finished to the same standard as your peers, this course is for you.

Using only Ableton Live 11’s stock audio effects, Mark Maitland will teach you how to mix and master your project to a standard that will compete with any Beatport Top 10 track, ready to test in a club or send to your favourite label.

Mark Maitland is a professional mix engineer who has worked on countless tracks for labels like Enhanced, Armada, Spinnin, Sony, EMI and Universal, and across 90 minutes, he will teach you a working understanding of the mix and master process alongside practical techniques that will allow you to finish music to a high standard.

Stems, project files and Mark’s custom Ableton templates are included in the package so you can work through the project alongside Mark to practice the techniques in real-time and understand the tangible impact of each step in the mix and master process.

Your Instructor

Mark Maitland

Mark Maitland

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