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Advanced Mixing & Mastering





About the Course

After the success of his best-selling launch day course ‘Introduction to Advanced Mixing’, Mark Maitland returns to Mixtank to provide an even more detailed look at his craft with the follow-up masterclass ‘Advanced Mixing & Mastering’.

Weighing in at over four hours, Advanced Mixing & Mastering details the complete walkthrough of the mix and master process for the complex, vocal-driven pop/house track In Too Deep’ by Kapera & EMME on Enhanced Recordings.

Covering every step with an in-depth explanation, the accessible style that made Mark’s original course so well-received is at the core of Advanced Mixing & Mastering as Mark prepares the stems and tackles each element of the project’s complicated arrangement. Across 20 chapters, you’ll learn advanced mixing techniques and transferable skills including:

Your Instructor

Mark Maitland

Mark Maitland

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