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Required Formats

Please read carefully before booking

Required Formats

  • Full length clearly labelled stereo stems (Wav/Aiff) of all effected tracks. Removed all master chain processing unless used for FX.

  • Leave stems are your original sample rate (we will do all sample rate conversion at our end)

  • If additional production is required please send labelled midi of all instruments.

  • All audio and midi to be sent to the studio in one zip file, labelled with the Artist Name & Song Title. Any mix reference tracks must be included in this zip.

  • If you have any notes on the mix or direction please add to a .txt file and include in the zip.

  • Please make sure that all audio is correct and with out fault. If something is discovered to be a problem at a later date it can be altered but may in-cure extra charge.

  • Pre masters must leave -6dB of head room.

  • For mastering please specify all format required, and include all meta data/images to to the zip and we will happy add them to the final master.

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